MSADAKA TRUST is a relief, development and charity organization which works to minimize human suffering in KENYA and beyond. It was established in 2017. We provide aid and assistance to the neediest in Kenya and the rest of the world.

Motivated by our Islamic faith, we serve alongside the poor and impoverished as a demonstration of Allah Almighty’s unconditional love for all people. We serve all people regardless of race, religion or gender.

Our mission is to bring lasting and positive change to the lives of street children, street working children and those at risk of becoming so, through front line work, prevention and advocacy, being a facilitator and enabler, galvanizing people and resources in KENYA and worldwide.

MSADAKATRUST aims to improve the quality of life of disabled children in KENYA through the provision of customized mobility equipment such as wheelchairs and tricycles. It is dedicated to providing help and advice to the children and their families and raising awareness of mobility-related issues through national campaigning.

MSADAKA TRUST provides water to the disadvantaged in neglected regions with clean sustainable drinking water solutions and to empower them. By sinking boreholes and providing filters for drinking water, would be very effective. It’s hurting to encounter people in impoverished areas die every day from drinking dirty water. There are millions living in areas with no filtration system, children and adults drinking from the same stream where animals bath. In addition, the lack of water needed for medical treatment and wound dressing may lead to an infection, putting the wounded at risk. .